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Slow Made ~ Indigenously Designed ~ Individually Handcrafted

Tall Pines Native Silver is one woman owned and operated business featuring consciously crafted jewelry / adornments. Each piece is individually and thoughtfully made by Indigenous Silversmith Desirae Webb...

I craft each piece one at a time and 100% from the heart. I am a real person♡ not a brand, and would like to keep that human connection with my shop. The "Tall Pines" part of my shop name is derived from my heritage. I am a member of the Hualapai (Hwal'bay) Native American tribe (also Havasupai heritage as well). Hwal'bay' is translated to "People of the Tall Pines". Long descendants of a group that have been originally called "the people", of a band placed in the Southwest at the Grand Canyon and surrounding mountain regions by the Creator. 

Tall Pines Silver stands for my heritage and for the land where my People emerged and remain to guard the land♡

 I began my smithing in 2015 after taking an introductory college course. And have since furthered skills through practice, research, trial and error.  I am deeply inspired by long-held techniques and designs of Native smiths before me. I try to create a variety of items and I truly hope that you can find something you love♡

Please follow my Instagram for shop updates, sneak peeks, and easy form of contact.

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