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Shop Policies

All pieces are made with my own two hands using traditional silversmithing techniques. Each piece may contain signs of human craftsmanship or have unique characteristics that will remind the wearer that these are completely hand forged pieces. My items are not perfect in any way, but rather they are unique and hand wrought. You may see a tool mark, solder line, etc. but this is the charm behind these bespoke one-of-a-kind items. I am passionate about remaining ethical and sustainable. My materials come from ethical, conflict-free sources -  US lapidary artists or even direct from miners, in effort to verify their state as a genuine stone. Stones are intentionally and carefully selected  from other family owned/small businesses. All metals are from reputable US wholesalers only.


Ready to ship items are shipped in 1-4 business days. You will receive tracking in a shipping confirmation email. Once I have dropped off your item at the post office it is out of my hands as to how soon it will arrive. All purchases are shipped with shipping insurance, therefore a resolution with the post office should be available to you with the shipping insurance via your tracking if your item becomes lost by the carrier. I have only had one or two issues with usps packages in the past few years, so know that an issue is rare. If your item shows as delivered and you believe it was stolen, I cannot personally offer a refund. I apologize for these strict policies, but please know that as small businesses, it creates a very undue hardship if our policies were any other way. Please be sure to be attentive to your tracking and the safety of your area if you fear your package could be stolen. You can contact your local post office to request any packages to be held for pickup or you can request to ship to somewhere other than your home if you feel it's not safe to be delivered to your home. Please contact me if you have shipping issues and cannot figure out how to file for a missing mail/insurance with your tracking so that I may assist. Overseas buyers are solely responsible for any customs fee to their home country.

Custom Order Booking

75% of the total payment must be received before your custom will be added on my work list. The remaining 25% must be received upon completion of order before your item will ship, most opt to pay the full 100% payment for ease of both buyer and seller. Please allow ~2 to 6 weeks for your custom once payment is received. Customs are always completed as soon as possible, sometimes with a 24 hour turnaround, but multiple factors can determine how long it takes to complete including complexity of your order and  how many are in line before your order/complexity of an order before yours (i.e. a large intricate necklace might take 3-4 weeks to complete; whereas a small ring can be completed within a day if no other orders are before it). Please note I often schedule to simultaneously work on customs and ready to ship items. So please do not be upset if you see me posting new items and you are waiting on your custom. It's a very delicate and intricate balance. Please email/DM for any questions regarding your custom. There are no cancellations/refunds on made to order custom pieces once your order/payment has been received, but please note that if for any reason I am unable to complete your custom (for example, due to prolonged injury) you will receive a refund at your request.

Return Policy / Care, Quality, Repairs

All sales are final. I am a small business operating by myself with zero funding. Therefore, I cannot accept returns nor afford to replace all items lost by shipping carriers. I deeply appreciate the understanding of this concept and is also why I pay ship insurance. Due to my policy, please be sure of sizing. Also please follow proper jewelry care instructions which are included. All stones are natural; therefore, potentially susceptible to chips, cracks, color variations, etc if care is not taken. Exposure to oils, personal care products, water, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals can have the ability to alter stones over time. Please contact me if something you purchase from me is in need of repair due to craftsmanship (stone reseated/tightened or a soldered piece broke off etc) and I will work with you! Sometimes an exchange for an item of equal value is possible if you receive your piece and it just does not at all work for you. Thank you so much for understanding the complexities around shopping small.

Please email me for additional questions:

As always, I thank you for your support and trust! 'Thank you' just never seems like enough to truly say how grateful I am.

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