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Land Back handcut sterling silver necklace

Land Back handcut sterling silver necklace

Entirely handcut and custom design. Pendant measures 1.31 x .90 inches and necklace length is 18 inches. 925 sterling silver. Purchase includes polishing cloth and anti tarnish tab.


Land Back is an Indigenous-led movement with a rich and complex meaning. The movement has existed for generations with a legacy of organizing and sacrifice to get Indigenous Lands back into Indigenous hands. But land back is also about much more than the land. You need to understand that when you hear youth scream “LAND BACK”, when you see land and water protectors stand off against big corporations (oil, uranium, lithium mining etc) and law enforcement, when elders make prayers for the land, and when political figures sit in land negotiations, Land back is about Indigenous peoples confronting colonialism at the root. It’s about fighting for the right to our relationship with the earth. It’s about coming back to ourselves, as sovereign Indigenous Nations In the words of Isaac Murdoch, “Land Back is people returning back and finding their place in those systems of life.”

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