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Shine Rite Anti Tarnish Tab

Shine Rite Anti Tarnish Tab

These tabs are an integral part of keeping your treasures tarnish free. To use, simply place a tab near polished metal in an enclosed area, such as jewelry cases, storage bags/boxes, shelves, or drawers. It is not necessary for the tab to be sealed with the item, it only needs to be near it.

Shine Rite tabs have an approx 2 year shelf life after its put into use. We have reports from customers who have had up to 5 -7 year shelf life. Keeping tabs enclosed tightly, such as in a ziploc, extends shelf life dramatically.


Tarnish tabs are needed for any collector of fine jewelry. Sterling silver is prone to tarnish because of its makeup (0.925 silver), which reacts with sulfur and oxygen to form the unsightly discoloration called Tarnish. Tarnish can also be accelerated by cold or warm water and humidity, so storing sterling silver jewelry in a dry place is essential.

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